What if my credit status is very low and my loan application has been turned down by many lenders before? Will I still be considered eligible for your loan deals?

Even if you happen to be a bad credit borrower, you do not have to apprehensive about applying with us. You will still be able to avail of our loan deals, even if your credit status is very low or you are bankrupt. We do not differentiate between good and bad credit borrowers and both are equally eligible for our loan deals.

I do not hold a valid bank account. Will I be considered eligible for your deals at Same Day Loans on Benefits?

Sorry, but you must have a valid bank account in your name, to be considered eligible for these loan deals. The loan amount will be deposited directly into your account and you can make use of it all the way you like, without any interference from our side.

Can I avail of your deals like payday loans and doorstep cash loans, even if I live along with my parents in their house?

Of course! Whether you live alone in a separate house or with your parents in their house is not our concern at all. Either way, you make an eligible customer for us and we will ensure that you get hold of the required cash in no time. As we provide unsecured loans your tenant status is no bother for us at all.

When can I apply with you?

You can apply for our loan deals anytime. It does not matter when exactly you apply with us. You can easily get hold of our loan service even during odd hours. We offer our deals 24x7.

How much amount will I get?

It is too early to say since the loan amount that you will get through us will be calculated onthe basis of your income and needs. We sanction the loan amount after calculating your loan repayment capacity. A customer with greater income will get more amount as loan than another with lower income. We will let you know about such specifications as soon as we process your loan application.

Do you charge ant fee for offering the services?

No; we do not charge any fee or up front charges.

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